Update – 18th January 2014

January is quickly shaping up to be an insanely busy month for me so I won’t have much time to make any more posts on here.

So far, I’ve had an 1 hour interview with DuPont Teijin Films who are based in Wilton on Wednesday for a software engineering placement. I’m one of the six people who were interviewed for the single position. While I’ve had interviews before for part-time jobs which have gone very well, it was the first interview I’ve had for a software engineering role so I was a bit nervous but I think I did well with room for improvement. I found out yesterday that I didn’t get it but the feedback the placement officer got from DuPont Teijin was that all six of us interviewed to a very high standard so I’m still happy. I think it would have been a great opportunity to build upon my current knowledge of C# and work with scientists and chemists on developing software to their requirements. I’ve really started picking up on C# again as well after all these years through my ICA work for Multi-Modal Interfaces and my tutor is very happy with how my work is going compared to the rest of my peers.

Straight after the interview (while still wearing a formal suit!), I attended an information session on the British Computer Society panel visit next week where I will be representing my course on Thursday 23rd.

On Thursday, I had a coding workshop/assessment day with game developer SUMO Digital in Sheffield. I only had 1 weeks notice for the assessment day and it has cost me £74.20 (!) to take the train down and bus back (and taxi to the bus station). It was a very early start for me for the 5:55am train from Middlesbrough and I didn’t get back until 9.30pm! Even with this hassle, it was a really good day and well worth it. Out of fear of violating the Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed, I’m not going to go into too much depth about the details of the assessment but we got to work with their in-house engine codebase and Playstation 3 SDKs! I think I did well for the coding assessment and while I know I didn’t really excel or impress them much, I’m optimistic that my chances are good for getting an interview.

On the 22nd, I will be doing the Search for a Star test from Aardvark Swift which is part of a competition to find the best programming students in the country. I’m very optimistic about doing well this time considering that last year when I did it, I was half-way through the ‘C++ Programming’ module!

Animation and Simulation Programming, 3D Graphics Programming and Multi-Modal Interfaces ICA deadlines between now and the next 2 weeks so it’s non-stop for me. All three are coming together well and hopefully I’ll have a bit more time for myself in February!

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